How to use Geospeak

Using geospeak maps

All geospeak maps are based on Google maps with panoramic street views. There are different options to start to find places on map. They are your neighbourhood, local city, the whole world. Just choose the area you want to start your search. When you choose either of the options, on the left hand side of Geospeak site you will be able to see the latest messages from chosen areas. On the right side – there is a map. Dragging the zoom slider ( top left corner of the map) or clicking on the icons either end of the slider, takes you to closer or further away from a center of your view. You can also zoom in into location by clicking anywhere on the map. Dragging a map you can move to a different places on the maps.

Also you can use search option. To arrive to a specific place enter a name of the place, country, city or address in the search panel and press “search”.

Writing messages

To write a message you need to find the place that you want to comment on and maximum zoom in on to it until a red pin appears with a question mark. Then click write a new message. By clicking this, on the top of the page you will see a map with the location you been searching for. If the place is available on “google street view”, you will see panoramic street view of your chosen place. Also there will be a small map of the area you are searching for. Below the map there is a panel “write your message” where you can write and leave your comments. Also you can upload pictures with your text messages. Just press “add foto” and choose any picture from your computer hard drive. Once you wrote a text or added picture or wrote text and added picture at the same time, press send message. But before to click “send message” try to choose nicest view of this place on the map by dragging the panorama or zoom slider.

You can post your messages anonymously or share it on you facebook timeline by putting a mark opposite “post to facebook and show my face here”. Posting geospeak messages on Facebook gives you some advantages – your message automaticly posts on your facebook timeline, other site users can see the person they are replying to, also anytime you enter to Geospeak you will get a notification of any replies left on your message.

Editing, deleting messages

Once you send message, you still can edit your text by pressing “edit” below your message. Please note, once you close the site you can not edit your message anymore. If you find any other messages offensive, please let us know by sending us an e-mail with the page link details. Admin of the site will delete it if it’s brakes the geospeak content policy.

Contact us

We will be happy to hear from you any comments, feedbacks, improvements about Geospeak. With your help we will make it more interesting and usefull for all site users. Also there is a Geospeak’s group page on facebook, by signing to , you will receive most interesting information and latest news from geospeak.